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Fiona Greenlaw

Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher; Bachelor Degree in Human Movement Science; Diploma of Complimentary Therapies.

Fiona has helped many people with her easy to learn style of teaching, experience and holistic approach to healing. She will guide you to strengthen/manage physical and emotional/mental problems as well as giving great techniques and guidance through Mindful Moving.

Born and raised in Scotland, Fiona was a successful hairdresser operating her own salon, and the winner of National Awards. In 1990, life took Fiona to Australia, this was the beginning of her personal healing journey. She loved travelling, then settled in Byron Shire where she raised her two beautiful children. Fiona studied extensively, while enjoying the Australian beach lifestyle. She has a gained a wealth of knowledge/experience from her self-healing journey and her passion is to share healing tips through her teaching and guidance of Qigong.

Fiona found Qigong & Tai Chi in 1992, she had a few teachers prior to taking on full-time study, embarking on a 6 year healing journey, studying alongside Master teacher, Mentor and friend, Erle Montaigue (Chinese Master 1975). She has developed a deep understanding of how these traditional Chinese exercises can improve health, happiness and longevity. Through her personal self healing journey, she learnt how efficient and effective Qigong is at treating and balancing mental/emotional well-being.

No matter your age or ability you can benefit from Fiona’s wealth of experience in Energy Medicine. Body Balance Qigong will improve your outlook in life, health, well-being and bring balance back into your world!

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Body Balance is a holistic Qigong system which will stimulate & cultivate your internal energy, clear & cleanse your meridians, allowing you to feel rejuvenated, refreshed, happy and healthy.

Qi (chee) the internal energy circulating the body and Gong (gung) translates as cultivation or work. To feel healthy and free of tension, dis-ease and illness, Qi needs to be plentiful and circulate smoothly along the meridians, which are the energy network of the body. When the body’s energy network becomes blocked, the overall health of the body becomes imbalanced and then dis-ease can occur.

Qigong, a moving meditation, cultivates and balances your energy systems. The practice coordinates slow movement, balanced diaphragmatic breathing and a calm mental focus. It is a tranquil, gentle and a pleasurable way of attaining and maintaining health and harmony in the Mind, Body, Heart, Spirit and Soul.

Tai Chi

Scientific evidence is now showing Tai Chi is valuable in treating or preventing many health problems, improve muscular strength, flexibility and fitness. The movements are gentle, the muscles are relaxed and the joints are held loosely.

Tai Chi can be easily adapted for anyone, from the most fit, to people confined to wheelchairs or recovering from surgery or injury. Tai Chi is a weight bearing exercise which helps maintain bone density, improve balance and prevent falls.


$15 per class (cash or card)