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Danielle Linegar

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Danielle’s goal with Magical Moves classes is to provide a range of different movement options for people to get in touch (whether after a break or for the very first time) with the magic that becomes available to us when we move – whether creatively, emotionally or functionally.

Danielle has choreographed and taught dance for twenty years in studios and theatres in Wollongong, Sydney and the NSW Mid-North Coast. A number of these years were spent also juggling a career in corporate law, but nowadays Danielle’s focus is where her heart is – the magic of movement.

With students ranging from toddlers through to seniors, she has repeatedly experienced the impact of people discovering what movement can do to their lives.

Danielle holds a Diploma of Dance Teaching and Management, a Diploma of Musical Theatre and a Certificate IV in Performing Arts. Having taken classes in Australia and overseas in a number of dance styles over the years, Danielle still loves to learn, discover and be challenged by what others offer. With additional teacher training accreditation in Pilates and Xtend Barre, Danielle continues to explore movement in other areas and how it all can impact a person’s life – whether through increased functional movement, health and fitness benefits or soul joy.

As a Pilates Instructor, Danielle has learnt directly through the lineage of both Eve Gentry and Romana Kryzanowska (two original students of Joseph Pilates), and teaches using a Pilates Movement Therapy approach – a combination of Classical Pilates and Pre-Pilates. This allows for the integrity of the original Pilates approach to be combined with an anatomy-based approach to what is best for each individual body by understanding the physicality and intention of each movement.

Through Magic Moves, Danielle hopes that everyone can find an option suited to helping them dance, move, laugh, explore and achieve – to find some magic in movement.

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*Suitable for: 2-4 year olds and their grown-up*

Mini Movers is a class for preschool-aged tiny tots and their mum/dad/nana/pop/aunty/uncle/carer/nanny etc. Children are naturally drawn to music and movement from the beginning, so we build upon those natural instincts with a combination of jazz, ballet, tap and creative movement in this fun and welcoming dance class.

Mini Movers can wear any outfit of their choice that they can dance freely in. Dance wear is encouraged, as it helps the mini mover to appreciate that it is “time to dance” and establishes a great mindset for class. For footwear, please have your little dancer in sneakers or hard-soled shoes for the tap section and ballet shoes/jiffies/soft-soled shoes/socks for the ballet and jazz sections of the class. (Note: These soft-soled shoes can often be found in stores like Big W, as well as dance-wear shops or from older siblings/relatives/neighbours!). For the grown-ups, sneakers are fine for the whole class.


*Suitable for: Seniors, those with injuries, those returning to exercise after a long break, those wanting to focus on Pilates foundations, those wanting to move gently and mindfully*

Pilates Mat Classes encouraging safe, mindful, functional movement that benefits your life. Focusing primarily on Pre-Pilates exercise (with some classical Pilates exercises where appropriate), these classes combine fundamental Pilates principles with a contemporary anatomical approach. Modifications are offered, so that each participant gets the most out of the session.

Instead of “muscling through” repetitive exercises, they are about getting to know your body, listen to what it needs, move it in ways that benefit you, and walk out feeling lifted up with a smile on your face.

Most of the class will be done either lying or kneeling on the floor in different ways. (This can be modified if not accessible to you.)

Please bring yoga mat/exercise mat and wear clothes that you can move freely in (activewear is perfect).


Suitable for: Over 55s

A dance class especially for the more “classic” movers! A fun and uplifting class with all the benefits of movement for the body, the brain and the spirit. Come along, have a boogie and remember how fun it is to just dance.

Wear clothes that you can move feely in and sneakers.


*Suitable for: Dancers (past or present), those interested in a more intense Pilates mat class*

A class focusing on breath, centring and control, in ways specifically beneficial to dancers. Traditional Pilates and pre-Pilates exercises are used to build strength and stability, encourage mobility and optimal movement patterns, incorporate mindfulness and increase body awareness.

Please bring yoga mat/exercise mat and wear clothes that you can move freely (activewear or dance wear is perfect).