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Carol Gunn

Accredited Counsellor – Journey Method, Neuro-linguistic  Programming, Trauma Release and Reiki Master

Carol is an accredited Counsellor specializing in trauma release work, with over 16years experience assisting adults and children. In her home town of Shellharbour since 2004 and in the northern rivers since 2007. Her passion for emotional health was born from her direct experience of grief, which led her to uncover her unresolved issue and become passionate about facilitating this powerful trauma release work to help others.

Carol holds a safe space for you to access and resolve any issues that have been creating unhealthy habits, non-functioning belief systems, emotional and physical issues. Uncover and incorporate positive and uplifting constructive tools and resources to take into your everyday life.

If you are experiencing trauma, the Trauma Release therapy that Carol has worked with for 16 years is a powerful tool that accesses your deepest wounds, uncovering restrictive memories, conditioning and belief systems, that can then be finally understood and released.

Phone: 0414974158

Service Description

Counselling Session 60 minutes

Counselling sessions are aimed at revealing a clear vision of what you would like to achieve and facilitated to suit you. It may be that you are looking for some practical resources to assist your goals or having a conversation that uncovers your emotions allowing you to live more freely.

Trauma and Emotional Release Session 90 minutes

These sessions access and release unresolved emotions and trauma. Memories stored within your cells responsible for unresolved pain are safely uncovered. A session involves a process of introspection and is done with the client being gently guided into a peaceful and meditative close eyed state. Stored pain is finally released and a real sense of understanding is found. Instead of painful feelings controlling your existence a sense of peace and letting go is achieved. New insights foster healing and recovery now and into the future, allowing you to move forward.

Reiki 60 minutes

Reiki energy creates a deep sense of relaxation and well-being, allows your body to rest fully and promotes healing and restoration.


 Counselling Session 60 minutes  $70

Trauma and Emotional Release Session 90 minutes  $150

Reiki  $65